Meaningful experiences

We are strong believers that traveling is not just visiting a destination, it’s all about the experience you get and this is found in the details – the way you travel and the route that you follow, the places you stay, the people you travel with and of course the people you meet along the way – these are the components that make a trip unique; for that reason, we specialize in employing our own extensive local knowledge and network of local partners to create handcrafted itineraries, selecting carefully the best routes, local restaurants, accommodations, and exciting activities. With special attention to the details, we give our guests exclusive experiences, we take you to places that you could hardly find on your own and expose you to the local culture and way of living. Through a meaningful interaction with the locals, you gain in-depth knowledge of each place you explore with us. English-speaking local leaders help you unlock the secrets of each destination, and you’ll profit from their years of expertise.

Sustainable approach – Commitment to Responsible travel

As a local tour operator, our aim is to respect as much as possible the places where we travel to. For this reason, we pay special attention to the local culture and traditions of each place, of which your guide is familiar with and will give you all the adequate instructions when necessary. We travel in small groups, not only because this is the best way to give you all the personalized attention we wish, but also in order to minimize our footprint. Tourism can affect directly the identity of a destination, thus our approach is not to try to alter the natural environment and local culture and history, but instead protect it and highlight it. Moreover, we try to support the local communities, by staying at locally-owned and operated guesthouses or traditional hotels, wherever possible, eating in local restaurants, buying from local shops and using local guides and partners, since no one knows better their homeland.

All our explorations have an educational character too. Our experienced guides intend to transmit to you all their knowledge about each specific area and its natural, cultural and historical heritage so that we make sure that when you go back home, you have taken something with you; besides fun and adventure, you get a good insight of the place you’ve explored!

We would be happy to explain you how each exploration works towards a sustainable approach and in which ways you can assist each time at the places we explore.

Below are a few points on what we are committed to:

  • Using locally owned, and environmentally and socially responsible, accommodation wherever possible.
  • Support the local communities by choosing locally owned partners in our destinations, using local guides and drivers, family-run hotels and restaurants.
  • Fair wages and conditions for all staff involved in your trip.
  • Wild and domestic animal protection alongside broader good environmental practice.
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint while on a tour, by avoiding the use of plastic bottles, recycling our cans, paper and plastics
  • Being environmentally friendly also in our own offices such as encouraging cycling to work, car sharing, recycling, lowering energy use and using planet-friendly cleaning products.
  • Developing long-term relationships with our local partners so that the economic benefit is ongoing.
  • Ongoing training of our staff and local partners in the principles and practices of responsible travel
  • Ensuring that our type and scale of tourism is appropriate to local conditions and does not overload local infrastructure.
  • Encouraging positive cultural exchanges between our travelers and the hosting communities, offering a deep understanding of the hosting culture
  • Encouraging our clients, through our literature, staff and leaders, to act in a socially responsible way.
  • Attempt to integrate the ethos of responsible travel throughout our organization.

Individualized attention

In Trails Beyond, it’s all about YOU. We regard all our clients as our guests.

From the very first moment that you contact us, you have a 24/7 expert team at your disposal to ensure that you will get the experience you have been dreaming of. We invest time in understanding your needs and preferences and assisting you in choosing the right adventure. We can offer you 100% tailor – made explorations; our team members work closely with you to listen, design and organize your itinerary and activities, depending on your specific desires and requirements.

We always travel in small groups (6 – 18 guests) to ensure you find the best treatment! Once you get here and you set off for your exploration, our expert guides ensure that every detail has been taken care of, so you simply start the day with a hearty breakfast and spend the rest exploring to your heart’s content.

Trails Beyond is all about exploring, experiencing and enjoying Greece’s hidden treasures like a local!