3-day Sailing Escape

If you love sailing and you are looking for a short refreshing getaway from Athens city, then this tour is just your ideal choice..Join us on board and let us show you the hidden gems of two Saronic islands in only 3 days!

Athens daily sailing escape

Are you visiting Athens and you’re looking for a refreshing getaway from the city? Join us on board and enjoy a daily sailing adventure in the Saronic gulf!

Spetses Bike Tour

An ideal daily escape from the city of Athens for the active traveler who wants to explore Spetses island on two wheels!
Easy to Moderate

Half-day Attica Wine tour & Temple of Artemis

Join us on a half-day wine tour & let us guide you through the entire process of wine history & production in Greece! Plus: combine your wine experience with a visit to the Ancient temple of Artemis

Full-day Attica Wine tour & Cape Sounio

What a better way to spend your day rather than taking an exciting getaway from Athens city center and exploring one of Attica’s best wineries? Plus, visit the Temple of Poseidon enjoy the breathtaking views from Cape Sounio!

Central Greece Highlands

Perfectly combining history and culture with nature and soft adventure activities, this exploration will take you on a memorable trip through Central Greece’s highlands, also known as the "Greek Alps" or "Switzerland of Greece".