This hiking trail allows you to get acquainted with two of Central Zagori’s gems, the Vradeto steps (Skala Vradetou) – a cobble stone path built in the 16th century at the slopes of Vikos Gorge – and Beloi viewpoint, one of the most spectacular “balconies” of Vikos gorge offering panoramic views over the canyon.

The hiking path starts from the village of Kapesovo, located in Central Zagori. The name “Kapesovo” is Slavic and means “garden”. We follow a trail that takes us all the way down to Mezaria stream. Once we cross two small arch stone bridges, we start climbing the well-known Vradeto steps. The stone trail is 1.5km long, has 250 meters of altitude difference and consists of 39 turns and 1.140 steps, connecting the villages of Kapesovo and Vradeto. At the highest point stands the church of Agios Athanasios with its small shed. Walking through abandoned fields, we shortly arrive at Vradeto, the highest village of Zagoria, at 1350 meters altitude.

The second part of the hiking path starts from the village of Vradeto and, within 2km distance, takes us to Beloi viewpoint (1450m), a stone-made balcony with breathtaking panoramic views over Vikos gorge. There are different opinions about the origins of “Beloi”: it could be a Slavic word meaning “balcony”, though, according to others, the name means “beautiful view”. Some even believe it is an alteration of the French word “beau”, which means beautiful.

We take the same way back to return to Vradeto, descend the Vradeto steps and arrive again at the village of Kapesovo.

Hiking trail characteristics:

Distance: 10.000 m.
Duration: 4:00 – 4:30 hours
Maximum altitude: 1.450m
Minimum altitude: 1.100m
Altitude difference: +520m / -170m