Tips for unforgettable sailing holidays in Greece!

With over 15.000km of coastline, 1.400 islands, mild weather with sunshine almost all year round and one of the oldest sailing cultures in the world, Greece is a favorite destination for sailing holidays!

Choose to explore the Greek islands on a sailing yacht and you won’t regret it! Vivid landscapes that you could only find on a post card, deep – blue Mediterranean waters dotted with small islands punctuated by traditional white-washed villages and ancient ruins, pleasant sea breezes and an ever-lasting sunshine, secluded bays filled with crystal clear turquoise waters and vibrant local culture, traditions and delicious regional cuisine are just a appetizer of what is waiting for you…

If you want to explore several Greek islands, avoid the tourist masses during the summer months and discover secret places and secluded beaches that cannot be reached but from the sea, if you wish to combine some adventure with leisure and relaxation, can you think of a better way other than taking a sailing trip?

Here are a few tips to help you make your sailing experience unforgettable…

  1. Pack in soft bags

Yachts have limited cabin and storage space, so it is highly recommended to pack your things in soft bags/ backpacks, instead of hard suitcases. Any collapsible is considered as the best option

  1. What should I take with me?

Before closing your luggage, unpack half of the clothes you are planning to take with you! You will spend most of the day wearing your swimming suit or light cool clothes, so you’d better pack a couple of swimsuits, towels, T-shirts, shorts and closed non-slip shoes (deck shoes/sports shoes), besides your sandals. Keep in mind that, during sailing, it is very probable that your clothes get wet from salty sea water!

Dress codes in the islands are very casual. Men, shorts and polo shirts are the preferred evening dress, ladies light summer dresses or similar to the men.

Do not forget to bring a waterproof jacket and a sweater/hoodie with you, as it generally gets cooler during the night.

  1. Be aware of the “holiday sun”

Although it might be windy when sailing and you may never feel the sun burning, this is not the same sun you may be used to at home! Make sure you use sunscreen protection during the day and wear a hat and sunglasses. Also, drink plenty of water and sit in the shade every once in a while.

  1. Be flexible

The summer in Greece is almost continual sunshine, however different areas have vastly different wind patterns and weather influences (particularly in the Aegean Sea – Cyclades islands). Your skipper constantly looks at the weather forecast to ensure you have a smooth and safe sailing trip. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you may have to re-adjust your itinerary, depending on the weather. No worries, though; we are 100% sure that every island in Greece has its own beauty and treasures, so you will never be disappointed!

*If you are on a family holiday, we strongly recommend you to sail to the Saronic islands and Peloponnese coastline, as they are quite protected by winds.

  1. Protect your mobile phones/ cameras

While you are sailing, or even if you have anchored, please make sure to protect your mobile phones and cameras when on deck. Ideally you can use waterproof cases or keep your things in the cabin.

  1. Drinking and alcohol

The sun in Greece is very strong, and on the water its effects are multiplied many times.
Drinking during the day is a must and required to avoid de-hydration. However, avoid large quantities of alcohol. Water is preferred, at least one large (1.5 liters) bottle during the day.
Drinking beer or wine during the day de-hydrates you quicker and makes you sleepy and sluggish. It can also provoke sea sickness, while sweet sodas make you thirstier. So it is preferable that you avoid large alcohol consumption, particularly during the day.

  1. Useful extras

Although we have a couple of them on board, for your own convenience make sure to bring car plug charger for your electronic devices. For use on shore, you will need a continental 2 pin plug adapter.

All islands have pharmacies or small harbor-side shops; however, if you take prescribed medicine, it is advisable to bring enough with you for the duration of your holiday. Although all our yachts have a basic first aid kit, it is a good idea to carry one of your own which should includes travel sickness pills, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites and anything else you personally may need.

  1. Cash or credit card?

We recommend that you have a combination of both cash and credit card. In most island shops and restaurant you can use your credit card with no problem. Remember, though, that the smaller and more remote ports may have no banks, no ATMs and that in small tavernas credit cards may not be accepted. It’s therefore a good idea to carry enough cash to buy daily supplies and pay for dinner.

Do you have more questions or doubts about a sailing holiday in Greece? Our team of travel experts is at your entire disposal and you can always contact us.

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